Tuesday, April 28, 2009


today's comic! <--- click that link

The technical difficulties will be worked out soon. Regardless, these animated records of my drawing process are pretty cool I think!
So get this. My name is Nathan Burgess, right? Well, I googled "Nathan Burgess comics" to see if I'd show up. I indeed found Nathan Burgess's web comic. BUT IT'S A DIFFERENT NATHAN BURGESS. Maybe the web comic community is way larger than I imagined, but this coincidence seems improbable to me. Not only that, but he also lives in the Northwest. You should check his comic out, it's pretty funny.

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Nathan Burgess said...

Thanks for the link, Other Nathan With A Webcomic! Glad to see you are maintaining a standard of high quality work as is expected from people with such an INCREDIBLE name.